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Who Do You Want to Be W̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶Y̶o̶u̶ ̶G̶r̶o̶w̶ ̶u̶p̶?̶

Accesing the Voice From Within

Hi Harness Community Member ,

Happy you’re here - as always.

And ready to remind of you to start doing the things that make you happy.

Have you done that recently?

Whenever you think about what you’re most passionate about

What fills your cup

What you would be doing if money was no object

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

And what is stopping you from doing it?

You see -

Most of what people spend their time on are things that don’t make them feel fufilled.

In the rush and chaos of life, it's all too easy to lose sight of the dreams that once sparked interest in the eyes of your younger selves.

The older you get, responsibilities pile up, and routines become the norm, so much that you forget who you are.

You find yourself trapped in a cycle of "shoulds" and "musts," unintentionally abandoning the very essence that once sparked your imaginations.

Which is why taking a moment to pause and reflect is crucial.

Remember, inside you lives an inner child—an unrestrained dreamer eager to revive the ambitions you thought had faded with time.

Recent research paints a sobering picture of how easily dreams can slip through the cracks of adulthood.

According to Zety, a career site fueled by some of the best career experts and a community of 40 million readers a year conducted a study in 2020 of 2,000 participants and found that:

Examining the reasons behind these responses, most attributed their evolving childhood dreams to "growing more realistic."

Finishing the study with:

And it's undeniably disheartening.

Because no matter how old, there persist ambitions cherished by your inner child.

We were taught how to be practical - and choose careers that maybe didn’t speak to us at all but choose the stability while completely forgetting the things we desire the most.

We were taught to be ambitious, and follow dreams dictated by society - and not our own.

But here is the thing.

Life is constantly giving us little clues about our dreams and ambitions. There is an inner voice that follows you every move.

If you signed up to this community is because you have a story you want to share to the world.

Over 7,000 of you have shared your stories with us.

Because you were ready and found the courage to authentically be you

You have ideas you want to share with the world.

And you know they’re not going to happen just sitting on your mind.

There is something that is bothering you that you know you want to change.

🦋 Maybe the job that you’re in isn’t fulfiling you anymore.

🦋 Maybe there’s a project in your mind that’s been sitting there for years/months but are having trouble starting.

🦋 Maybe you’re looking to do a completely 180 in your life because you know what you’re doing right now isn’t who you are.

Regardless of the specific reason, there's an ambition within you, yearning for change at this very moment, beckoning for transformation.

And it has gotten to the point where:

1) You feel like you’ve waited for too long

2) You know you’re deserving of more

But the question arises, how do we begin to unearth these buried dreams and unleash the creative spirit that still resides within us?

Its starts with that inner calling, the one that you can’t necessarily explain, but you know it’s there.

This inner voice, mysterious yet never ending, is none other than the representation of intuition—the soul's voice that manifests itself at all times.

It communicates in messages illuminated by positivity, serving as the origin of all things good.

By tuning into this soulful connection, we unlock an infinite reservoir of creative energy.

It is your job in this world to follow that voice.

It's like a secret guide that could lead you to new and uncharted places, holding the potential to change your life.

This journey directs you towards a life that reflects the dreams you truly deserve.

It encourages you to accept your real self and gives you the okay to live genuinely.

This pursuit holds the potential to turn your life into an amazing dream, simple for being yourself.

So whatever is it you’re doing about doing - This is your sign to start today.

& Let me know how it goes by replying to this email.

Best wishes,