How Expressing Creativity can Change Your Life

Who do you want to become?

Hi Harness Community Member

Hustle culture neglects fulfillment and creativity for constant busyness.

More often than not letting your job define who you are

Leaving you feeling empty inside.

And it's not something you deserve to have in your life

Because there's so much more to you than just one thing

As a result, wasting years of your life waiting to ignite a spark

A spark that has never been shown because it's been neglected in hustle mode

Despite considering yourself multipassionate

Because you've been taught that you needed to survive

And instead have driven your attention to

a) fulfill other people's goals

b) take care of everyone around you except yourself

Avoiding the one thing you need in your life

The need to create and express who you are

Without realizing that fulfilling that one thing has the capacity of changing everything

And can help you reach your wildest goals.

It can be building relationships with beautiful individuals

Switching careers outside of what you thought was considered “normal”

Or filling your time outside of work with passion projects that bring you joy

It's time to stop thinking in hustle mode and the need to solve everything for everyone expect yourself.

And start creating things that make you happy

For the life you've only dreamed of having

Because you deserve it.

Best wishes,


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